Institutions of deprivation of liberty in Albania

Prison of Burrel

The High Security Prison of Burreli is an old establishment from the communist dictatorship, known for attrocities, tortures and killings. Characteristic features of inhuman treatment, physical and psychological torture to the physical disappearance of detainees have made this Prison known in the histor of the Balkans and beyond. although few investements affected this facility, yet the conditions are appalling.

Burreli Prison is categorized as a high security prison, with a normal security section and a pre-detention section. Actually the  capacity of the prison is 189 persons.

ARCT has loobied with the President of the republic of Albania to close this institution and open a Museum of remebrance for all the attrocities of the communist dictatorship.

A Special memorial  is dedicated to all lives, lost in this prison - by ARCT