Calendar of activities

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Calendar of activities

Dialogue with EU and Albanian Government for the process of integration

16.04.2011 Meeting of CSOs with Mr. Stefano Sannino, Deputy Director of the DG-Enlargement on the progress and fulfillments of the action plan on 12 Priorities
22.04.2011 Consultative Meeting for 12 Key Priorities in the process of EU integration, with participation of the CSO, state authorities and EU
16. 05. 2011 Consultative Meeting with EUD and representatives of CSOs on the priorities for 2011-2013
16.05.2011 Meeting with Mr. Jonathan Stonestreet, Head of the ODIHR Observation Mission for local elections to Albania
24.05.2011 Consultation Meeting at the EUD on Expert Peer Assessment Mission on pre-trial detention, police custody, prevention of torture, ill-treatment and fight against impunity, with the participation of the independent EU expert and the respective officer from the Directorate General for Enlargement of the European Commission, within the framework of the 2011 Progress Report
04.10.2011 ARCT Meeting with EUD representatives, MERIDIA from Italy.
26.10.2011 ARCT Meeting with EUD program managers, and RCT, Denmark

ARCT contribution to Historical Memories….



Meeting of ARCT staff with the President of Republic after the Exhibition dedicated to Historical Memories and Former political prisoners.
02.11.2011 ARCT Meeting Mrs. Fiorentina Azizi, Head of Rule of Law/ Human Rights Department, OSCE Presence, Tirana.

Engaged with Former Political Persecuted:


Meeting of ARCT staff with Ambassador Ettore Sequi, Head of EU Delegation to Tirana.


Meeting of ARCT with Mrs. Fiorentina Azizi, Head of Rule of Law/ Human Rights Department, OSCE


Meeting with Mr. Willibold Frehner, representative of Konrad Adenaur Foundation in Albania

14.06.2011 ARCT Meeting with Mr. Karsten Jansen Aspersen, the Danish Ambasador,
14.06.2011 ARCT Meeting with Mr. Patrick Svenson the Swedish Charge-d-Affaire, in Albania
16.06.2011 ARCT Meeting with Mrs. Carola Muller, the German Ambassador
16.06.2011 ARCT meeting with Mr. Eugen Wollfarth, Head of OSCE Presence in Albania
26.06.2011 Commemorating the International Day Against Torture , as part of the international Campaign against torture by IRCT

Advocacy and Lobbying 



Meeting with Mrs. Martha Bacile Findlay, Training Advisor to Albanian State Police - International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)


Meeting with Mr. Alan MacDonald, Resident Twinning Adviser, EURALIUS Program to the Ministry of Justice


Consultative Meeting on draft law on Mental Health, organized by WHO and the Ministry of Health (ARCT introduced a position paper with respective recommendations)


Joint Press Declaration of the International Secretariat of the OMCT in the framework of the International Campaign for the Absolute Prohibition of Torture and Ill-treatment ‘Nothing can justify torture under any circumstances’ with the support of the Mairie of Geneva (see


Meeting with Mr. Marco Leidekker, Head of Office, Council of Europe, former CPT Member


    Mission of Open Society Institute, Budapest to Albania
27.06.2011 Joint Activity with the Albanian Helsinki Committee at the Jordan Misja Prisons and Women Prison
19- 21.10.2011 Annual meeting of the IRCT Alliance NGOs, on the strategic developments and priorities for 2013-2020, Brussels

ARCT Participation in the Regional Conference on Research and Rehabilitation , organized by IAN, Belgrade, Serbia.

16.11.2011 Kosovo People’s Advocate and KRCT representatives, OSCE- Kosovo have visited ARCT
13-16.12.2011 ARCT Participation in the International Conference on Mental Health and OPCAT, Poland

Reports and presentations, invitations


08.03. 2011

Participation in the ceremony on International Women day, activity organized by the Head of EU delegation in Tirana.


Round table on the role of NGOs contribution for guaranteeing of European standards

09.05.2011 ARCT participation in the commemoration of Europe’ Day, activity organized by the EU delegation in Tirana 
9-13.05.2011 ARCT Participation in European Network of Rehabilitation Center for Survivors of Torture, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Participation in Voluntarism Conference organized by the “Fondazione Falcone” Palermo-Italy

23.05.2011 ARCT Participation in the Round Table on “Networking in the EU and benefits for the western Balkans countries”, organized by Partners Albania.
25.05.2011 ARCT participation of launching ceremony of ADRF Program on Disabilities, supported by UNDP Albania
16.05.2011 ARCT participation in training session on Management and Operations, organized by TACSO.
31.05.2011 ARCT participation in the Regional Conference “Development of philanthropies in Albania”, organized by Partners Albania
8.06.2011 ARCT Participation in the workshop on social reintegration of juveniles in conflict with the law, organized by CRCA and UNICEF, Save the Children.
7-10.06.2011 ARCT participation in the Regional Conference on Human Trafficking, organized as part of the ARIADNE Network- against trafficking of human beings, Greece.
15.06.2011 ARCT Participation in the TASCO management and operational training.

ARCT Participation in the Conference on the Role of civil society organized by the Centre for Legal Initiatives, supported by USAID.

31.10.2011 ARCT Participation in meeting on the Fiscal system for the CSOs in Albania

Special Visit of the RCT Board and Executives to ARCT


9-12.11.2011 RCT Board Mission to Albania and visits
9.11.2011 ARCT & RCT Meeting with the Danish Ambassador
10.11.2011 ARCT & RCT Meeting with Mr. Florina Nuni, Acting People’s Advocate

ARCT & RCT Meeting with Prof. Dr. Bamir Topi, President of the Republic of Albania


ARCT & RCT Meeting with Mr. Gazment Dibra, General Prisons Director


ARCT & RCT Visit at the Prisons Hospital, Tirana

12.11.2011 ARCT & RCT Visit at Kruja Special Institute, Kruja

ARCT & RCT Meeting with the representatives of CSOs in Albania

  ARCT & RCT Interview with the Deutche Welle reporters.