We don't accept PINK WASHING in Albania - Look what happened today in Tirana (VIDEO)

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The terrible act of Gjergj Ndreca who inflamed himself today in Tirana as a sign of protest against the fact that the government is ignoring the demands of former political prisoners in Albania, is the real indicator of how bad is the situation with human rights in Albania.  

Ndreca who has been hospitalized after setting himself on fire to demand quicker payment of compensation for victims of the former communist regime, is 53 years old. He is among a group of some 20 former political prisoners on hunger strike on a street in central Tirana. They are demanding that the government meets its pledges to pay victims of the former regime 2,000 leks ($18.32; €14.05) per day of imprisonment.

There is a principle upon every other principle that has structured all human rights documents on which the smartest nations base their lives today. It is the rights of each individual to be fulfilled, to be happy, and above all to protect and cultivate dignity. (Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).


It is hard to fight for LGBT rights in a country where even minimal right of insuring people’s dignity is denied. It is denied to LGBT (of course), but also to those people who in these last 22 years have been portrayed as symbols of sacrifice and self-denial for justice: the former politically persecuted and prisoners!

What happened today in Tirana is painful and deeply upsetting for us all. But it should be embarrassing to the whole politics, and especially for our Prime Minister Sali Berisha. It leaves us all speechless.

There is a famous phrase saying that "The Revolution will not be televised", which does not apply in this case, because through television and macabre images today we started to see a real revolution that will compel us to reflect long and deeply. This should force the government to find real solutions for the former political prisoners, first of all, but for each of us who are fighting to have the opportunity to live with dignity and build our happiness by having equal rights and chances to build our happiness.

If our Prime Minister is able only to give lectures on democracy as a retired scholar (the last speech he did at the Assembly of the Council of Europe), is not able to find a solution, he should urgently give his resignation.

We have welcomed Mr. Sali Berisha whenever he publicly supported our cause.

But we do not want to be considered "the only good news from human rights in Albania", just because the prime minister appeared publicly declaring his pro position towards LGBT, and from the other side he is unable and unwilling to understand women rights; children rights (he goes everyday in a elementary school and give political speeches to the children); elderly people rights; human rights of former political prisoners (Albania voted recently against a resolution in CoE to define the status of political prisoners), etc.

Whenever this country is failing to guarantee the human rights of its entire population, LGBT, who are before being LGBT normal citizens of this country, cannot and will never be happy. We can be an easier target anytime!

Outraged, shocked, but also with hope

“Pro LGBT”, Albania