Conference on CPT role in the fight against torture in Europe

On 8 May 2015 the Netherlands Helsinki Committee organized a Conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Committee on the Prevention of Torture (CPT), in the Hague. The Conference has addressed the role of CPT in the fight against torture in Europe and looked at CPT’s work from a result and effect based perspective. During the Conference, the guest speakers and participants discussed about the additional and alternative mechanisms that could contribute to the prevention of torture and ill-treatment were widely discussed, the way interrogation systems are designed and the role judges can play by rejecting confessions extracted under torture or ill-treatment, as the possible wider application of universal jurisdiction against suspected torturers.

ARCT as part of the project on ‘The improvement of prison conditions for reintegration of juvenile detainees in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo” was invited to participate and present the impact of the CPT role in the prevention of torture in Albania.


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